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Explore the Advantages of Renting Over Owning For decades, owning a home has been a central part of the American Dream. About two thirds of Americans own a home, and many more renters view their time renting as temporary arrangement or stepping stone on their way to home ownership. However, it is impossible to deny

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Why Choose to an Apartment in Madison?   When most Americans list the cities in the US they dream of living in, the names that come up most frequently are almost all clustered on the coasts. While a few inland towns like Denver and Austin have achieved hip city status in the public mind, the
What You Need To Know Before Renting an Apartment Stepping out on your own is exciting, but there are many pitfalls to avoid. At Gregg Shimanski Realty, Inc, we help the uninitiated with their first apartment rental. Here is a brief guide on what to expect and how to prepare. Get Your Budget Under Control
Benefits of Online Apartment Rental Applications The world is changing and so is the way renters search for their new apartments. Current market information is moving from print to online formats. In addition to searching for a new apartment rental, you can also pay the monthly lease, schedule maintenance and even fill out a new
A new mixed-use development will be popping up on the eastern end of Monroe Street this spring, possibly with a bank, if the city grants permission for a drive-thru service window. The 44-unit, four-story project is slated for 1605 Monroe St. Gregg Shimanski is the developer of the project. The 61,000 square-foot building will host